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Twitter needs collections


Have you ever faced any of these issues:

  • You follow someone that tweets about a lot of different topics, but you are only interested in a particular topic of her/him?

  • You might want to tweet in different languages but you don't want to annoy followers that don't speak a particular language.

  • You might want to tweet about entirely different topics but also don't want to annoy followers that primarily follow you for a certain topic?

I do.

Social networks would be much more enjoyable if we could publish content to its own space/topic where users can follow what they care about. Let's call these Twitter Collections.

Collections have the advantage of just following interesting stuff you like to see from someone.

Let's put an example: you are following Elon Musk Twitter but are not particularly interested in any topic besides SpaceX or Tesla, you could instead just follow his collections about these topics. This way your timeline would only include interesting stuff you care about Elon musk and not his political views for example.

This also has the benefit for the users creating content, as this gives them more freedom to talk about everything they want: life stuff, tech, rants, politics, you name it, now, when they write a tweet they just tag it in the collection they want it to be part of and that's it, these tweets would only appear to users that have subscribed to it.

I really don't care about editing tweets, Twitter stories clone, audio tweets, etc. I just want the freedom to follow interesting stuff and buckets to publish content without annoying followers.